Why You Should Consider Container Storage for your Business

For businesses importing and exporting products and stock, utilising shipping containers is a familiar process however, did you know that these containers can also act as storage for your business?


It can be challenging to store large volumes of stock before you have enough to completely fill a shipping container, in addition to being costly. Moreover, constantly transporting stock from storage and shipping facilities can be logistically difficult and very tedious. Instead, DNV transport offers warehousing for shipping containers with options for short term and long term container storage in Brisbane, holding items until deliveries and stock for export has arrived.


Why Consider Shipping Container Storage for your Business?


Cost Effective

When exporting products, businesses know how expensive it can be to get their shipping containers on a vessel to be transported. Whether you have a half-full container or something completely full, the cost to ship will remain the same. As shipping is charged per-container it’s important to maximise the stock within the container to make it as cost-effective as possible. Utilising container storage in Brisbane allows businesses to hold stock in a secure location until their container is full and ready for export, making it more cost effective to ship overall.


Secure and Protected

With a secure and undercover warehouse in Brisbane, DNV transport can safely store your goods before they are exported, giving you more space at your workplace site. Exporting stock can be difficult, especially if your business is receiving shipments from a variety of locations and suppliers. Take the guesswork out of your stock control with a centralised location for all deliveries to come in and go from at our Brisbane warehouse.


High-Quality Storage Containers

With only the highest quality shipping containers used for importing and exporting and container storage in Brisbane, DNV ensures that your goods aren’t compromised or damaged in any way during transit. All shipping containers are compliant with industry standards, giving you peace of mind that your shipments will arrive safely.


Quarantine with Ease

With shipments coming from overseas, some containers may need quarantining and sanitising which can be an intensive process. DNV are a quarantine approved premises (QAP) holding both 1.1 and 1.2 accreditations and have staff who have been trained in these processes. With quarantine wash facilities, specific quarantine sections, and a fumigation pad within the Brisbane warehouse, DNV can quarantine and sanitise any containers, saving you from the challenge of organising this.


Safe and Hassle Free

Packing a shipping container can be challenging, especially if you and your staff don’t have experience in doing this. Through utilising shipping container storage in Brisbane, you can rely on a team of experts to consolidate your shipments into the one container, maximising the space available. DNV Transport will even collect your shipping containers from the shipping line without you ever lifting a finger. Spend more time focusing on the things that matter in your business, and leave the shipping container storage in Brisbane to the experts.


How to get in touch?

Whether your business is large-scale or simply starting out, consolidating your goods in one place, maximising space within your shipping container, and having short term and long term storage for your stock is invaluable to a business owner. With years of experience, DNV Transport is the number one choice for shipping container storage in Brisbane. Our team of experts are ready to answer any questions you may ha