Import Unpack Inspections

We’ll solve your packing and unpacking problems for import or export

At DNV Transport, we can assist you with a range of services when it comes to importing/ exporting, including packing/unpacking. We are also an accredited QAP (Quarantine Approved Premise) site, licensed for 1.1 and 11.2. QAP accreditations are issued by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources.

How we can help with packing for import/export

If you plan on importing/exporting goods, you’ll need to consider all the steps involved. First, you’ll need to book a shipping line or alternatively make arrangements with a freight forwarding company for your intended export. Next, you’ll need to make the necessary arrangements for your cargo/goods to be delivered to a depot for packing. Finally, packing needs to be done in an efficient manner to make the best use of the space available in the shipping container. DNV Transport have the expertise and equipment to help you at any or every stage along the way.

Once you have booked your export, you will need to collect your assigned container from the shipping line. We can pick up your 20-foot or 40-foot container from the shipping line using one of our own trucks and trailers from our fleet. We then transport your container back to our yard for packing. This makes it easier for you to organise all your deliveries because you can simply give them our address at the port of Brisbane.

Once we receive your cargo or goods our trained team will pack them in the most secure way that makes the best use of space for your container. We’ll then make sure your container gets to the wharf in time to meets the deadline for when the ship is due to sail.

How we can help with unpacking for import

Once you receive notice of your ship’s arrival date and port destination you can let us know so that we can arrange pick up for you. After we collect your container or cargo we can take it back to our yard, we’ll do the unpacking and provide warehousing and distribution services if required.

We provide import unpack inspections from the port of Brisbane

When you import a container from overseas there is a set process you need to follow from when your ship docks to getting your goods to their end destination. We can arrange the collection of goods once they have been cleared and we can also arrange transport.

One problem people have when a container arrives, is getting the container transported to a safe an appropriate place to unpack. If there are no quarantine requirements, then it is simply a matter of co-ordinating a pick up, taking the container to a safe site where it can be unpacked ready for distribution, then returning the container.

Our import unpack inspections can do all this for you. We have an extensive fleet with all the necessary lifting equipment we need to transport your container from the wharf to our site at the port of Brisbane. Our experienced team will then inspect your cargo against the inventory documents to make sure your consignment contains everything it should contain.

You don’t need to worry about having trained labour to unpack because we have an experienced and trained team to unpack at our site. Your cargo/goods can then be held at our warehouse until you require it or we can pack the loose cartons/packages on a flat top and transport it to wherever it needs to go.

If you have a shop front business, or are not able to take delivery of a shipping container at your address then this is a convenient option for you.

Import unpack inspections for flagged cargo

Should your imported cargo gets flagged for quarantine we can help. We have quarantine services including a wash bay and fumigation pad at our site.

We have a quarantine area within our onsite warehouse to store any items that need to be quarantined. We will hold these goods until an official quarantine inspection has been booked and completed. Once this has been done, you are free to arrange transportation of your goods to their destination. We can of course, arrange this for you as well, if required.

Call us to find out more about our Quarantine Services

Once the customs broker has completed and lodged the necessary details for the imported goods, they will then issue quarantine directions which we can take care of. For more information see our page for Import Unpack Inspections.

We conveniently located in the port of Brisbane and open Monday to Friday between 7:00am and 5:00pm. With over 20 years’ experience in the transport industry, we can assist you with your import and export related quarantine services.