We can help you with shipping container fumigation

At DNV Transport we can assist with unpacking imported shipping containers. Our port of Brisbane facilities has an onsite designated fumigation pad area, if quarantine authorities issue an order for container fumigation.

We can perform container fumigation on shipping containers and we also have the equipment and transport to collect the container from the wharf on your behalf. The most common size shipping containers are standard 20-foot and 40-foot, but we can also fumigate containers outside this size as well as fumigate machinery such as agricultural machinery and packing materials. Our site has QAP (Quarantine Approved Premises) accreditation 1.1 and 11.2 and we have the equipment to complete all import fumigation requirements as directed by quarantine.

If you are exporting a container we can do a container fumigation and issue you or the freight forwarding company a fumigation certificate to ensure a smooth process at the receiving end.

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How container fumigation helps Australia

Fumigation helps Australia stay pest and disease free by destroying any pest infestations or harmful living organisms. Risks can come from timber use as packing material in FCL deliveries as well as from the cleanliness of the container itself. Most importing countries make fumigation mandatory. Shipping containers must be free from flour, grains, soil, plant material, and animal products and animal contaminants such as bones, hide, and skin.

Fumigation is typically done for non-treated wood material used as packing material, such as crates and pallets. For machinery, we may also need to do a quarantine wash prior to performing the fumigation process.

Cargo may not be removed from a wharf or quarantine depot until all conditions issued by quarantine authorities have been met, relevant final and released direction documentation issued.

If you are planning to import cargo into Brisbane from another country, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your delivery doesn’t get held up when it gets here due to quarantine requirements.